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The Best Kept Secret

Outasight an original and patented product both designed and manufactured in the UK, there is no other alternative in the market.

Outasight offers a unique solution to Over-bath and Wetroom showering whilst retaining the style and aesthetic design of your bathing haven.

The total objective of our highly specialist team of designers and engineers was to develop and pioneer a completely new showering solution that provided greater space, is completely discreet blending ‘out of sight’ to rest focus on other fixtures and fittings within your bathroom environment and most importantly, safe and hygienic for the entire family.

An award winning designed addition to any bathroom, the Outasight creates a stylish ‘space saving’ finish to any bathroom that fashions a stylish solution to ‘permanently there’, bulky, unsightly shower screens.

The Outasight screen elevates your bathing experience by creating a perfect and sophisticated showering area that enables you indulge in daily bathing in a more functional manner without compromising the aesthetical harmony of your bathroom.

Expert design and function combine seamlessly to create perfection in showering solutions. Outasight is the ultimate choice; hand-picked by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Our professional team has over 25 years’ experience in the bathroom industry covering Design, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing and very importantly Customer after Sales and we as a company pride ourselves in providing only exceptionally high quality products in terms of both design and technology.

  • High grade non-corrosive metals
  • Special laminated and dual treated, pleated shower screen/curtain
  • 100% watertight and water resistant
  • Gentle-opening and retracting piston
  • Stainless steel piston holds screen and arm firmly in place
  • Strong and robust hinge mechanism
  • Elegantly concealed fixings
  • Standard, bespoke and wetroom dimensions available
  • Suitable for ANY bathroom
  • Provides exceptional protection for other bathroom surfaces and products
  • All components fully replaceable from the front of the product (without having to remove the product from the wall)
  • Available in Polished Silver or Brilliant White
  • 1 year guarantee on all parts of the product
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

The manufacturer (Outasight Shower Screen Ltd) Warranties the Product (Parts Only) for a period of one year from the date of delivery.
Such Warranty of the product strictly applies for normal Residential/Domestic use only (Terms & Conditions Apply).
for the Outasight Shower Screen is only valid on sales and installation of the product within the United Kingdom & Ireland

The Outasight Shower Screen is designed, manufactured and distributed with the UK by Outasight (Shower Screen) Ltd,
UK Patent/Publication No: UK2495635 - European Patent/Publication No: EU2765890
UK Trademark No: UK2324922 - European Trademark No: EU016792228