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Outasight is truly one of a kind! An original and patented product there is no other alternative in the market; the options are quite simple Outasight, glass or a curtain and rail and we are confident that you will make the right choice.

The total objective of our highly specialist team of engineers and designers was to develop and pioneer a completely new showering solution that provided greater space, is completely discreet blending ‘out of sight’ to rest focus on other fixtures and fittings within your bathroom environment and most importantly, safe and hygienic for the entire family,

1Greater Protection

The ‘over bath’ screen when fully open extends to 1425mm, providing a greater coverage of water protection than a glass screen. Almost 70% of a standard size bath is covered by the screen once fully extended.

1Total Anti Leakage

The design of this unique product guarantees that it provides total water protection, that means NO leakages whatsoever! The soft pleated screen sits just inside the rim of the bath and this causes the water to deflect and run straight into the bath. Actually, the higher the water pressure is, the more the screen seals against the bath. Total bathroom protection!

1Space Saving

As opposed to a traditional fixed glass screen which remains over the bath whilst bathing; the Outasight when closed provides an ‘open space’ for bathing as opposed to the bather feeling ‘trapped or enclosed’ with a glass screen. It creates a feeling of ‘more space’ within the bathroom.

1Easy access

The Outasight screen makes getting into the bath (to either shower or bathe) or into a wetroom/shower cubicle far less physically demanding than a glass screen. It provides greater and safer access for persons of all ages, particularly persons with limited mobility and disabilities. The wetroom provides totally ‘open’ entry for wheelchair access and assisted showering.
Outasight makes supporting the bathing of children/elderly in the bath/shower much safer and easier as all areas of the bath can accessed when the screen is closed. This is not the case with a glass screen!

1Easy to Clean

All components are the elite that can be sourced and have been selected for their quality, durability and ease to clean. There are NO special cleaning requirements for the shower screen and Outasight have developed and supply a Treatment Spray for cleaning the screen and all components of the unit (bleach based and abrasive cleaning products should not be used as they will damage the screen and components of the unit). Unlike a glass screen which quickly builds reside of product (shampoo, body wash etc) used when bathing/showering, lime scale, water marks on the glass and mould in the seals; a glass screen has to be meticulously looked after to keep the bathroom looking and feeling clean and hygienic.

1Safety Comes First!

If a person using either the bath/shower/wetroom version were to slip/fall, Outasight is a far safer product which would eliminate any damages to a person if they were to fall into/onto the Outasight screen when open and in use, as opposed to ‘glass’ which would injure/wound the user.

1Silver/White Colour Options

The colour options blend discreetly within the bathroom environment and are aesthetically pleasing. The aluminium profile merges tastefully to enable other bathroom fittings to remain the focus within the bathroom.

1Light Weight

The total weight for the screen is 3.2kg which is considerably less than the weight of an average glass screen; therefore it does not require any structural reinforcement to accommodate the screen and it can be fitted onto almost any type of finished surface (tiling, plasterboard etc).

1Health, Hygiene & Durability

The screen itself is specially manufactured with a ‘dual treatment’ to ensure that it will not go damp or discolour. This special treatment ensures that the screen will maintain its colour, hygiene and durability for years to come.

1Easy & Simple Installation

The simplicity and ease of installation is inexpensive and does not require a professional plumber/fitter to install. Detailed installation instructions are provided and the screen is installed with 4 x stainless steel screws and silicone.

1Replacement Components

All components are interchangeable and can be done so without the need to remove the screen from the wall. Once installed Outasight need never be removed again with every component replaceable from the front of the product. Unlike glass screens which many brands require full removal of the screen from the wall to replace worn/damaged seals, hinges and profiles the Outasight can be utilised for life!

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The manufacturer (Outasight Shower Screen Ltd) Warranties the Product (Parts Only) for a period of one year from the date of delivery.
Such Warranty of the product strictly applies for normal Residential/Domestic use only (Terms & Conditions Apply).
for the Outasight Shower Screen is only valid on sales and installation of the product within the United Kingdom & Ireland

The Outasight Shower Screen is designed, manufactured and distributed with the UK by Outasight (Shower Screen) Ltd,
UK Patent/Publication No: UK2495635 - European Patent/Publication No: EU2765890
UK Trademark No: UK2324922 - European Trademark No: EU016792228