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Wetroom Bespoke Screen

The idea of a ‘completely open’ yet water sealed room is a truly innovative design in home bathing. When designed correctly, it is a truly stunning achievement for any home.

A wetroom is completely versatile and can be adapted for small en-suites or large luxury bathrooms, both upstairs and downstairs. The Outasight wetroom shower screen is perfectly concealed, so no doors or glass, it is the perfect solution providing complete shower screening in a totally open bathing environment.

The Outasight product is the only product that allows your wetroom to be entirely open; no glass showering walls that encroach into the perfect open space you are trying to create. Faultlessly providing superior showering, enhanced access and more space than any other solution in the market. Perfectly designed for you and your wetroom, we provide bespoke measurements to ensure that you have achieved your dream with precision.

The only sensible choice for wetroom bathing!


  • Bespoke dimensions for smaller/unusual shaped bathrooms that glass screens cannot accommodate for.
  • The ONLY solution to having a completely open wetroom (no glass) whilst still protecting the highly valuable bathroom fittings and accessories.
  • The most ACCESSIBLE solution for persons with disabilities or mobility limitations for either wetroom or walk in shower/baths.

Wetroom Dimensions available (open size):

H 1825 x L825mm, L925mm, L1025mm, L1125mm, L1225mm

H 1925 x L825mm, L925mm, L1025mm, L1125mm, L1225mm

£468 NOW £398 Inc VAT & Postage

Bespoke Dimensions Available on Request

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The Outasight Shower Screen is designed, manufactured and distributed with the UK by Outasight (Shower Screen) Ltd,
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